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There are 4 main leadership styles, picking the relevant one depends the development level of the person related to the assignment. See Development levels


  1. Directing is the most restrictive. Tell the employee what to do. I don't ask. I decide. I tell you. It's more about building competence than confidence, so very directive, but less supportive.
  2. Focusing is setting the course based on inputs from employees. I ask. I decide. I tell you.
  3. Facilitating is coaching others through, removes roadblocks. I ask. You decide. You tell me
  4. Delegating is giving clear assignments, and leaving employee realize it. You decide. You tell me. I support you

Situational Leadership is tailoring the leadership style to the person's development stage in a given context. Person can be evaluated on competence and motivation. Low motivation and competence calls for directing. High motivation and competence calls for delegating. In between calls for focusing or facilitating.



Also Ken Blanchard / SLII:

notes from SLII training

  1. Set goals
  2. Diagnose
  3. Match

Style 1 and 2 - Leader-led conversations = Alignment conversations.

Style 3 and 4 - Team-member led = One-one conversations.


Need to diagnose someone on the competency level to determine how to tailor leadership

D1: You're just starting, feel like learning will be easy.

D2: You're reaching a plateau

D3: You get self-reliant. Still need occasional help

D4: Self reliant and teach.