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Motivation comes from autonomy, mastery and purpose[3].

We need to be autonomous to not feel trapped and be able to act as we think is best.

We need to be able to master our craft, and feel good about it. That means that the game can be won[1], and that we effectively contribute to it.

We need to see that work is useful[2] and our contribution has a meaning.

See also a framework to determine motivation[1].


Motivation is the energy required to Starting work

Lack of motivation can be the reason why people don't perform. Assume that People do their best, and assume your Personal responsibility (#1) to find the reason why they might not be motivated.

Value driven team (blog) shows an example of how I "restored" team productivity by creating a loop of value creation.

Sense of urgency (blog) is usually something that starts coming out when teams are not organically motivated.

Measuring productivity for an individual is complex, be careful with assumptions, be sure to empathize first and clarify what the motivation actually is.