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Coaching is helping someone reach a conclusion themselves by asking questions rather than providing answers.

To be effective it requires the recipient to a) have the skills b) have the motivation.

Stay curious a little longer, rush to action and advice-giving a little more slowly.

~ Michael Bungay Stanier, The Coaching Habit

There are tons of opportunities in daily life to be coach-like. Make it a habit. Tame the advice monster.

Create the habit by telling yourself “When this happens” “instead of” “I will”

Be lazy, be often, be curious.

Use the 7 questions to structure coaching:

Use the 3Ps to dig: Project, People, Pattern of behavior

Use the Bookend to be impactful: start quick (whats on your mind), finish strong (what was useful for you)

prepare for coaching - adjust behavior

_What was the situation?

What was the observed behavior?

From their point of view?

What is the gap?

What would have been a more desirable behavior?

What conclusion do I want to drive?

What questions can help the coachee need to realize issues with observed behavior?

What questions can help him figure what could have been better?

What mentoring do I want to give?

Base plan:


Coach in One to one meetings

Be empathetic (#5) during coaching.

Determine if coaching is the appropriate Leadership styles