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A one-to-one meeting is management tool consisting in a meeting between two people. They happen between you and a subordinate, between you and a manager (or mentor), or between you and a colleague.

This one tool can be used for two purposes: create a cadence of discussion, or discuss a problem ad-hoc. Preparation for both uses is different.

cadenced one-on-one

The goal of a cadenced 1:1 is to protect time to make sure to have a regular discussion with someone. Since the goal is to protect time, the first rule is to prioritize this meeting and move rather than cancel when conflicts occur.

The content of the meeting varies and depends on the goal. A usual goal for a relation manager-managed is to keep track of the higher picture: get and provide feedback, discuss career and progression, ensure well-being and motivation.

One-on-ones can be prepared by collecting pieces of information to be discussed from one meeting to the next, keeping notes of what is discussed during the meeting and reviewing these notes beforehands, keeping actions and reviewing their execution. Defining a theme across the team can be helpful to fluidify the discussion. Reviewing a list of questions[1] can provide some inspiration.

A good cadence is weekly rather than bi-weekly {TODO: reference?} to ensure relevant timing and prevent slippage of feedback or discussions.


This is the model I'm following to prepare:




Coaching is very useful to use in a 1:1 meeting to dig down one problem. As coach Michael puts it:

Stay curious a little longer, rush to action and advice-giving a little more slowly.

~ Stanier, Michael Bungay. The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever . Box of Crayons Press. Kindle Edition.

One to one is a tool to develop both sides of the [[P/PC balance]] - productivity, and production.

Be empathetic (#5) during one to ones.


[1]: Vidal Graupera / 1 on 1 meeting questionsref is a list of questions for 1:1 meetings. Can be used to get inspired. Also includes a json file that can be used to randomize.