#system #cleanup #entropy


Recycling is the concept that once something has reached the end of life of its usefulness, we dispose of it in a manner that can be reused. Reycling reduces entropy in two aspects: it cleans system from components that just became clutter, and it is doing so in a way that is not contributing to a pile a refuse.

Recycling, and the idea of an expiration date, is a concept that can be adapted to other domains. For example, emails in Hey.com can be automatically recycled: after a pre-configured shelf-life defined per sender, emails get deleted. This way, the space they occupy can be reclaimed to limit the disk consumption, and inboxes get cleaned automatically as time passes.

Recycling can also be used in backlog management, by removing tickets that have low chance of being dealt with, thus reducing the overhead of having to manage it, and helping see more useful items more clearly.