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Understanding a concept is having a clear picture of it to a usable level. When understanding, you can use and describe it, as opposed to just knowing the definition and the words.

To understand something, you need to insist on a problem until there is a real things become natural, and click into place.

Understanding is not binary, it has multiple levels of depth.

There are multiple ways to test understanding: explaining to a 5yo, writing about it, finding parables that illustrate it.

There are two main approach to teach: Instructionism and consturctionism, or being taught vs experimenting. Experimenting is better at forming mental models, connection form for longer.

If you don't understand go closer: study the detail, make your own mind rather than reading what other people have to say about it. You don't have to always use what someone else told you


Cargo cult is the application of a procedure without understanding it.


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