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This is a list of wines I like



Quinta Ferreira, Alagria, Obra Primera, unoaked chardonnay, rosé (rich, dry). Cabernet Merlot: strong (too?).

Quinta Rose

Intersection, Alluvia (Bordeau Blend)


R&D Culmina, Red blend

Quail's gate, The Allison, Rosé.

Adega: malbec, quarteto tinto (blend), felicidade (white, fruity on the nose but rather dry)


Silver Sage: no sulfites and very fruity. Merlot is nice and light. The bubbly one also, red desert wine is fun and berries. Blend isn't great

Twisted hills (cider): pear paradise - fruity, slightly bubbly and tastes like pear

Twisted Hills Pear Paradise

Black Sage - cabernet Sauvignon: rich

Black sage Cab Sauv

nk'mip - talon: relatively complex

Nk'mip Talon

Reco by Quinta's taster:

Map of recommendations by Quinta's taster

Blue mountain: brut reserve - tastes like champagne.

Jackson Triggs: cabernet Merlot reserve - not bad and relatively cheap, ok everyday wine

Jackson Triggs Merlot Reserve

kraze legz speakeasy - rosé, dry.

roche château, good Bordeaux blend


North Star - Merlot, Columbia Valley