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News media, in particular privately owned, is biased towards capitalism and right wing. Largest news channels are owned by large corporations[2]-[3], and more independent channels operate through ad revenue which creates an incentive not to hurt corporations.

The mechanism by which prominent journalists are friendly towards company is less conscious and more linked to selection: CEO of news network are appointed by owners, advancement is selected through shared opinions[1]



Carlos Maza / What the hell is too far left discussing mechanisms by which media concentrate on right wing ideology

[1]: Noam Chomsky / Necessary Illusions: Those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to the same privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values.

[2]: Forbes / These 15 Billionaires Own America's News Media Companies is a list of media corporations owned by Billionaires

[3]: Quora / Who owns mainstream news stations like CNN, and Fox News? NBC is owned by Comcast, CNN by AT&T, ABC by Disney, Fox by 21st Century Fox, CBS by billionaire Summer Redstone